4 strokes
big, very
husband, man
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4
JLPT level N3
335 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 夫妻 【フサイ】 husband and wife, married couple
  • 夫婦 【フウフ】 married couple, husband and wife, man and wife
  • 継夫 【ケイフ】 second husband
  • 炊夫 【スイフ】 male cook
  • 夫婦 【フウフ】 married couple, husband and wife, man and wife
  • 夫子 【フウシ】 teacher, wise man, sage, master, Confucius, the person concerned, you, he, she
  • 一工夫 【ヒトクフウ】 a bit of contrivance, some fiddling, a little ingenuity
  • 創意工夫 【ソウイクフウ】 ingenuity, inventiveness, creative originality
  • 夫人 【フジン】 wife, Mrs, madam, wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.), consort of the emperor
  • 賦役 【フエキ】 slave labour, slave labor, compulsory service, forced labour, forced labor, exacted service
  • 大夫 【ダイブ】 high steward, grand master
  • 右京大夫 【ウキョウノダイブ】 Ukyō no Daibu (title under the ritsuryō system), high steward

Kun reading compounds

  • 夫 【おっと】 husband
  • 夫選び 【おっとえらび】 choosing a husband
  • DV夫 【ディーブイおっと】 (physically) abusive husband, wife beater
  • 元夫 【もとおっと】 ex-husband, former husband
  • 其れ其れ 【それぞれ】 each, respectively


Japanese names:
お、 と、 ゆう、 よ
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
fu1, fu2


  • marido
  • hombre
  • esposo


  • marido
  • homem


  • mari
  • homme
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