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きゅう nine
Common word, Numeric 
きゅう 1: urgent; sudden; abrupt;
2: sharp; steep; precipitous;
3: rapid; swift; fast;
4: (Noun) emergency; crisis;
5: hurrying; haste;
6: (in gagaku or noh) end of a song
Common word, Na-adjective 
きゅう ex-; former; old
Common word, Noun, Prefix 
きゅう 1:
2: (Mathematical term) sphere; () counter for balls (in baseball)
Common word, Noun 
きゅう class, grade, rank; school class, grade
Common word, Noun, Noun suffix 
きゅう 1: palace;
2: tonic (of the Japanese & Chinese pentatonic scale);
4: (Abbreviation) ancient Chinese punishment (castration for men, or confinement for women); () zodiacal sign
きゅう 1: bow (and arrow);
2: unit of distance to an archery target (approx. six feet);
3: unit of distance for land surveying (approx. eight feet)
きゅう moxibustion
きゅう nine (used in legal documents)
きゅう wage; recompense
Noun, Obscure term 
きゅう nine
きゅう armadillo
Noun, Obscure term 
キュウ cucumber
Noun, Usually written using kana alone 
球威 きゅう (pitcher's) stuff
Common word, Noun 
休暇 きゅう holiday; day off; furlough; absence (from work)
Common word, Noun 
球技 きゅう ball game (e.g. baseball, tennis, soccer)
Common word, Noun 
休止 きゅう pause; cessation; rest
Common word, Noun, Suru verb, No-adjective 
急死 きゅう sudden death
Common word, Noun, Suru verb 
窮地 きゅう dilemma; predicament
Common word, Noun 
旧派 きゅう old school; old style
Common word, Noun, No-adjective 
給付 きゅう 1: payment; provision; benefit; present; delivery;
2: performance
Common word, Noun, Suru verb 
急務 きゅう urgent business
Common word, Noun 
給油 きゅう supply of oil
Common word, Noun, Suru verb 
給与 きゅう pay; salary; wages; allowance; grant; supply
Common word, Noun, Suru verb 
胡瓜 きゅう cucumber
Common word, Noun, Usually written using kana alone 
旧痾 きゅう persistent disease

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