1. Kumbhanda; demon with large testicles believed to drain people of their vitalityBuddhism
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2. KumbhandaA Kumbhāṇḍa or Kumbhaṇḍa is one of a group of dwarfish, misshapen spirits among the lesser deities of Buddhist mythology. Kumbhāṇḍa was a dialectal form for "gourd", so they may get their name from being thought to resemble gourds in some way, e.g. in having big stomachs. But kumbhāṇḍa can also be interpreted as "pot-egg"; since "egg" (aṇḍa) was a common euphemism for "testicle", the kumbhāṇḍas were imagined having testicles "as big as pots".
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鳩槃荼 【くばんだ】


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