1. tuna (edible fish, Thunnus spp.); tunnyUsually written using kana alone
  • サメ
  • かわ
  • マグロ
  • かわ
  • より
  • はるかに
  • ざらざら
  • している
  • The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.
2. Pacific bluefin tuna (edible fish, Thunnus orientalis)Usually written using kana alone
3. dead lay; starfish; person who is inactive during sexual intercourseSlang, Vulgar, Usually written using kana alone, Only applies to まぐろ, Only applies to マグロ
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4. ThunnusThunnus is a genus of ocean-dwelling fish in the family Scombridae, all of which are tuna, although other tuna species are found in other genera. The name of the genus is the Latinized form of the Greek θύννος, thýnnos, tuna, the word being first mentioned in Homer . Due to overfishing the genus range has been significantly reduced, being effectively removed from the Black Sea, for example.
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Other forms
鮪 【しび】マグロ


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