Noun, Suru verb
1. result; consequence; outcome; effect
Noun, Suru verb
2. coming to fruition; bearing fruit
Noun, Adverb (fukushi)
3. as a result; consequently; therefore
  • けっか結果
  • あめ
  • へや部屋
  • なか
  • ボールあそボール遊び
  • しています
  • As a result, we play ball inside on rainy days.
Wikipedia definition
4. CorollaryA corollary is a statement that follows readily from a previous statement. In mathematics a corollary typically follows a theorem. The use of the term corollary, rather than proposition or theorem, is intrinsically subjective. Proposition B is a corollary of proposition A if B can readily be deduced from A or is self-evident from its proof, but the meaning of readily or self-evident varies depending upon the author and context.
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