Noun, Suru verb
1. dental brushing; brushing one's teeth
  • はみが歯磨き
  • なさい
  • Brush your teeth.
2. dentifrice; toothpaste; tooth powder
  • はみが歯磨き
  • どこ
  • Where's the toothpaste?
Wikipedia definition
3. Tooth brushingTooth brushing is form of hygiene, in which a person cleans their teeth with a toothbrush. Modern medical research has shown that brushing teeth properly can prevent cavities, and periodontal, or gum disease, which causes at least one-third of adult tooth loss. If teeth are not brushed correctly and frequently, it could lead to the calcification of saliva minerals, forming tartar. Poor dental health has been associated with heart disease and shortened life expectancy.
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Other forms
歯磨 【はみがき】


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