1. nagi (species of conifer, Nageia nagi)Usually written using kana alone
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2. Nageia nagiNageia nagi, whose common name is Asian Bayberry, is in the family Podocarpaceae. Nageia nagi is native to China, Japan, and Taiwan. It is a hardy tree species, which means that it can withstand a range of weather conditions, but prefers moist sites that are well draining and full sunlight to light shade. Being from the Podocarpaceae family, Nageia nagi is a dioecious tree. Dioecious is when the male and female parts of the trees are on separate plants.
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Other forms
竹柏 【なぎ】椛 【なぎ】竹柏 【ちくはく】ナギ
椛: Irregular kanji usage.


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