1. wooden sword
2. Kigatana
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3. BokkenA bokken (木剣, bok, "wood", and ken, "sword") (or commonly as bokutō 木刀 in Japan), is a Japanese wooden sword used for training. It is usually the size and shape of a katana, but is sometimes shaped like other swords, such as the wakizashi and tantō. Some ornamental bokken are decorated with mother-of-pearl work and elaborate carvings. Bokken should not be confused with shinai, practice swords made of flexible bamboo.
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Other forms
木刀 【ぼくっとう】木刀 【ぼくた】木刀 【きがたな】
ぼくっとう: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage. ぼくた: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage. きがたな: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.


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