Noun, Noun - used as a suffix
1. state (US, Australia, India, Germany, etc.); province (e.g. Canada); canton (e.g. Switzerland); oblast (e.g. Russia); department (e.g. ancient China)See also 県 けん
  • なんぶ南部
  • しゅう
  • とうき冬期
  • りょこう旅行
  • する
  • いま
  • りょこう旅行
  • する
  • よりも
  • りょうきん料金
  • たか高く
  • なります
  • Traveling to the southern states during the winter will be costlier than it is now.
2. continent
3. dearArchaism, after someone's name
Wikipedia definition
4. Zhou (country subdivision)Zhou were historical political divisions of China. Formally established during the Han Dynasty, zhou continued to exist until the establishment of the Republic of China—a period of over 2000 years. Zhou were also previously used in Korea, Vietnam, and Japan.
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Other forms
洲 【しゅう】


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