1. fruit fly (any insect of family Tephritidae)Usually written using kana alone, See also 猩猩蠅
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2. TephritidaeTephritidae is one of two fly families referred to as "fruit flies", the other family being Drosophilidae. Tephritidae does not include the biological model organisms of the genus Drosophila (in the family Drosophilidae), which is often called the "common fruit fly". There are nearly 5,000 described species of tephritid fruit fly, categorized in almost 500 genera. Description, recategorization, and genetic analysis are constantly changing the taxonomy of this family.
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Other forms
実蠅 【みばえ】果実蝿 【みばえ】果実蠅 【みばえ】ミバエ


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