1. (spoken) line (in a play, film, comic, etc.); one's linesUsually written using kana alone
  • やくしゃ役者
  • せりふ台詞
  • あんき暗記
  • なければならない
An actor has to memorize his lines.
2. comment; remark; phrase; wordsUsually written using kana alone
  • それ
  • こっち
  • セリフ
  • です
That's what I want to say.
3. stock phrase; set phrase; cliché; platitudeUsually written using kana alone
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4. Dialogue in writingDialogue in fiction is a verbal exchange between two or more characters. If there is only one character, who is talking to himself in his mind, it is known as interior monologue.
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Other forms
科白 【せりふ】台詞 【だいし】セリフ


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