1. eh?; what?; oh?
  • 出かける
  • 前に
  • しっかり
  • かぎをかけた
  • んです
  • Really? I had locked it up before I went out.
2. yes; that's correctSee also はい
  • そうです
  • とも
  • Yes, that is most certainly so.
3. strengthens a question, assertion, etc.Archaism, See also かえ, See also ぞえ, See also わえ, at sentence end
4. heyArchaism, after a noun, etc.; when calling out to someone
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5. E (kana)In Japanese writing, the kana え and エ occupy the fourth place, between う and お, in the modern Gojūon (五十音) system of collating kana. In the Iroha, they occupy the 34th, between こ and て. In the table at right (ordered by columns, from right to left), え lies in the first column (あ行, "column A") and the fourth row (え段, "row E"). Both represent [e e].
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