Words — 4 found

1. thunderous roar; roaring sound
Other forms
ごう音 【ごうおん】
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Taru-adjective, No-adjective
1. thunderous; rumblingOnly applies to ごうごう
Adverb taking the 'to' particle
2. thunderously; rumblinglyUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
轟々 【とどろとどろ】轟轟 【ごうごう】轟轟 【とどろとどろ】ゴーゴーごーごー
とどろとどろ: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage. とどろとどろ: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.
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Noun, Taru-adjective, Adverb taking the 'to' particle
1. roaring
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Kanji — 1 found

21 strokes. Jinmeiyō kanji.
roar, thunder, boom resound
On: ゴウ コウ
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Names — 3 found

ごう 【轟】
Family or surname
1. Gou
ごうき 【轟木】
Family or surname
1. Gouki
ごうすけ 【轟丞】
Male given name
1. Gousuke