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Ichidan verb, Intransitive verb
1. to touch; to feel
  • なに何か
  • あし
  • 触れる
  • かん感じた
I felt something touch my feet.
Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
2. to touch (with)as 〜に手を触れる, 〜に口を触れる, etc.
Ichidan verb, Intransitive verb
3. to experience; to come in contact with; to perceive
Ichidan verb, Intransitive verb
4. to touch on (a subject); to allude to; to refer to; to mention; to bring up
  • かれ彼の
  • てがみ手紙
  • その
  • じけん事件
  • それとなく
  • ふれている
His letter alludes to the event.
Ichidan verb, Intransitive verb
5. to be in conflict with; to violate (law, copyright, etc.); to infringe
Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
6. to proclaim; to make known; to spread (e.g. a rumour)
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13 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
contact, touch, feel, hit, proclaim, announce, conflict
On: ショク
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  • jreibun/6007/1
    Studying abroad at a young age is a good opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of diverse values in a different culture. Jreibun
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