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1. Goryeo (dynasty of Korea; 918-1392 CE)Abbreviation, Only applies to こうらい
Noun, Noun - used as a prefix
2. Korea (esp. the Goguryeo kingdom or the Goryeo dynasty)
3. (stone) guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrineOnly applies to 狛, See also 狛犬
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4. GoryeoThe Goryeo Dynasty or Koryŏ was a Korean dynasty establis... Read more
Other forms
高麗 【こま】狛 【こま】
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1. (stone) guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine
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2. Komainu, often called lion-dogs in English, are statue pairs of ... Read more
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1. Korean flute (horizontal bamboo flute with six holes; highest-pitched flute used in gagaku)
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2. KomabueThe komabue ("Korean flute") is a transverse fue that is ... Read more
Other forms
狛笛 【こまぶえ】
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8 strokes.
archaic part of Korea, lion-dog shrine guards
Kun: こま
On: ハク
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こま 【狛】
Female given name, Family or surname
1. Koma
こまい 【狛井】
Family or surname
1. Komai
こまさかまがいぶつ 【狛坂磨崖仏】
1. Komasakamagaibutsu
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