11 strokes
cow 牛 (牜)


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 牽引 【ケンイン】 traction, towing, hauling, pulling, drawing, driving (e.g. economic growth)
  • 牽引車 【ケンインシャ】 tractor, towing vehicle, driving force, leading role

Kun reading compounds

  • 引く 【ひく】 to pull, to tug, to lead (e.g. a horse), to draw (attention, sympathy, etc.), to attract (e.g. interest), to draw back (e.g. one's hand), to draw in (one's chin, stomach, etc.), to pull in, to draw (a card, mahjong tile, etc.), to draw (a line, plan, etc.), to catch (a cold), to play (a stringed or keyboard instrument), to look up (in a dictionary, phone book, etc.), to consult, to check, to haul, to pull (vehicles), to subtract, to deduct, to recede, to ebb, to fade, to be descend from, to inherit (a characteristic), to quote, to cite, to raise (as evidence), to lay on (electricity, gas, etc.), to install (e.g. a telephone), to supply (e.g. water), to hold (e.g. a note), to apply (e.g. lipstick), to oil (e.g. a pan), to wax (e.g. a floor), to move back, to draw back, to recede, to fall back, to retreat, to lessen, to subside, to ebb, to go down (e.g. of swelling), to resign, to retire, to quit


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