18 strokes
water 水 (氵, 氺)


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 乱発 【ランパツ】 random firing, reckless firing, excessive issue
  • 乱獲 【ランカク】 excessive fishing, overfishing, overhunting, excessive taking

Kun reading compounds

  • 妄りに 【みだりに】 without authority, without reason, unnecessarily, recklessly, indiscriminately, arbitrarily
  • 濫りがましい 【みだりがましい】 morally corrupt


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
ram, ham


  • excesivo
  • desbordamiento
  • sin razón
  • arbitrariamente


  • excessivo
  • inundação
  • espalhar por


  • débordement
  • excessif
  • se répandre
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