Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 暈 【カサ】 halo (around the Sun, Moon, etc.), ring, corona
  • 繧繝 【ウンゲン】 ungen, method of dyeing in which a color repeatedly goes from dense to diffuse, diffuse to dense; used in Buddhist pictures, temple ornaments, etc., during the Nara and Heian periods
  • 乳暈 【ニュウウン】 areola mammae (circular area around nipple), areola
  • 日暈 【ヒガサ】 solar halo

Kun reading compounds

  • 暈す 【ぼかす】 to blur, to shade off, to gradate, to obscure, to make ambiguous
  • 暈ける 【ぼける】 to be faded, to be hazy, to be blurred, to be out of focus
  • 暈 【かさ】 halo (around the Sun, Moon, etc.), ring, corona
  • 隈取り 【くまどり】 shading, (colour) gradation, kumadori, style of kabuki makeup used for violent roles
  • 隈取る 【くまどる】 to shade, to graduate, to tint, to put on stage makeup, to make up (one's face)
  • 暈し 【ぼかし】 shading off, gradation, bokashi composting, fermented composting
  • ぼかし染め 【ぼかしぞめ】 gradation dyeing


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
yun1, yun4
hun, un




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