12 strokes
rap 攴 (攵)
awe, respect, honor, revere
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N2
1078 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 敬 【ケイ】 reverence, respect
  • 敬意 【ケイイ】 respect, honour, honor
  • 失敬 【シッケイ】 rudeness, impoliteness, disrespect, impertinence, leaving, going (on one's way), saying goodbye, taking without permission, stealing, pinching, pilfering, my apologies, I must be going now, so long
  • 愛敬 【アイギョウ】 love and respect
  • ご愛嬌 【ゴアイキョウ】 entertainment, amusement, fun
  • 男は度胸女は愛敬 【オトコハドキョウオンナハアイキョウ】 men should be brave, women should be affable

Kun reading compounds

  • 敬う 【うやまう】 to show respect for, to revere, to honour, to honor, to worship, to hold in esteem


Japanese names:
け、 たか、 たかし、 たけ、 とし、 のり、 ひろ、 ゆき、 よし
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • respeto
  • honor
  • mostrar respeto
  • respetar


  • temor
  • respeito
  • honra
  • reverencia


  • respect
  • déférence
  • honorer
  • révérer
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