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Godan verb with 'ru' ending, Intransitive verb
1. to be troubled; to have difficulty; to be in a fix; to be at a loss; to be stumped; to be embarrassed
  • こま困ったら
  • わたし
  • たす助け
  • もと求め
  • なさい
Turn to me for help if you are in difficulty.
Godan verb with 'ru' ending, Intransitive verb
2. to be bothered; to be inconvenienced; to be annoyed
  • そうおん騒音
  • こまっている
The noise bothers me.
Godan verb with 'ru' ending, Intransitive verb
3. to be badly off; to be hard up; to be in straitened circumstances
  • ぼく
  • しばしば
  • おかねお金
  • こま困る
I am often in difficulties.
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7 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
quandary, become distressed, annoyed
Kun: こま.る
On: コン
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  • jreibun/620/1
    • しょうう少雨
    • で、
    • いね
    • せいいく生育
    • が極端に悪く、
    • のうか農家
    • は困っている。
    This summer has been troubled by record low rainfall, which has resulted in extremely poor rice growth. This situation aggrieves farmers. Jreibun
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