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Godan verb with ku ending, intransitive verb
1. to move; to stir; to shift; to shake; to swing
  • わたし
  • いえ
  • なか
  • なに何か
  • うご動く
  • かん感じた
  • I felt something move in the house.
2. to operate; to run; to go; to work
  • まだ
  • うご動く
  • うち
  • 売って
  • しまわ
  • なきゃ
  • I should sell it while it still runs.
3. to make a move; to take action; to act; to go into action
4. to be touched; to be influenced
5. to change; to vary; to fluctuate; to waversometimes prenom. as 動かぬ, 動かない, etc. to mean "certain"
6. to be transferred
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Expression, Noun
1. moving walkway; moving sidewalk; travelator
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2. Moving walkwayat Frankfurt International Airport, Germany]] A moving wa... Read more
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1. Freeze Die Come to LifeFreeze Die Come to Life (Russian: Замри, умри, воскресни;... Read more
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1. Movable singularityIn the theory of ordinary differential equations, a movab... Read more
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1. Propeller IslandPropeller Island (French: L'Île à hélice) (also published... Read more
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11 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake
On: ドウ
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  • 140585
    • あやつりにんぎょう操り人形
    • ワイヤー
    • うご動く
    Puppets work with wires. Tatoeba
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