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1. the seven treasures (gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral, lapis lazuli)Buddhist term
2. cloisonne wareAbbreviation, See also 七宝焼き
3. shippō pattern (of overlapping circles)Abbreviation, Only applies to しっぽう, See also 七宝つなぎ
4. shippō emblemOnly applies to しっぽう
Other forms
七宝 【しちほう】
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1. cloisonne ware
Wikipedia definition
2. CloisonnéCloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwor... Read more
Other forms
七宝焼き 【しっぽうやき】
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しっぽう 七宝
1. shippō pattern (of overlapping circles)
Other forms
七宝繋ぎ 【しっぽうつなぎ】
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七宝駅 (上海市)
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1. Qibao StationQibao is the name of an underground station on Shanghai M... Read more
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2 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
Kun: なな なな.つ なの
On: シチ
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8 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
treasure, wealth, valuables
Kun: たから
On: ホウ
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しっぽう 【七宝】
Female given name, Place
1. Shippou
ななほう 【七宝】
Family or surname
1. Nanahou
しっぽうだい 【七宝台】
1. Shippoudai
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