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1. cabbage (Brassica oleracea)
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2. CabbageCabbage is a popular cultivar of the species Brassica ole... Read more
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キャベジ: Irregular kana usage.
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1. Donkey CabbagesDonkey Cabbages or The Donkey Cabbage is a German fairy t... Read more
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1. Kyabetsu TaroKyabetsu Tarō is a Japanese snack food made by the Kado (... Read more
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  • jreibun/4201/1
    • れいぞうこ冷蔵庫
    • 入れずに
    • キャベツを
    • すうじつかん数日間
    • キッチンに置きっぱなしにしていたら、しなびてしまった。
    I left cabbage in the kitchen for a few days without storing it in the refrigerator, and it became shriveled. Jreibun
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