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9 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
plane, sharpen, whittle, pare, shave
On: サク
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  • jreibun/6016/2
    • しめきり締切
    • が毎週あるだけでなく、第二外国語のクラスにしても予習・復習しなければ落ちこぼれてしまう。
    • だいがくいちねんせい大学1年生
    • の私はどう考えても勉強する時間が足りなくて、寝る時間を
    • けず削る
    • 毎日だ。
    On top of having chemistry lab reports due every week, if I don’t prepare and review, I will fail my second language class. As a first-year college student, no matter how I slice it, I just cannot seem to find enough time to study, so I have no choice but to cut back on my sleep every night. Jreibun
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けずるぎやしき 【削木屋敷】
1. Kezurugiyashiki