11 strokes
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N4
112 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 強 【キョウ】 a little over, a little more than, strength, the strong, powerhouse, one of the biggest, one of the most powerful, -upper (seismic intensity)
  • 強化 【キョウカ】 strengthening, intensifying, reinforcement, enhancement, solidification, reinforcement
  • 列強 【レッキョウ】 major powers of the world, great powers
  • 屈強 【クッキョウ】 robust, brawny, muscular, strong, sturdy
  • 強盗 【ゴウトウ】 robber, mugger, robbery, burglary
  • 強引 【ゴウイン】 overbearing, coercive, pushy, forcible, high-handed

Kun reading compounds

  • 強い 【つよい】 strong, potent, competent, domineering, tough, strong, brawny, powerful, healthy, rugged, good (at), skilled, knowledgeable, being able to handle, know how to deal (with), durable (against), resistant (to), resilient, firm, rigid, solid, intense, strong, fierce, high, dependable, trustworthy
  • 強い雨 【つよいあめ】 heavy rain (specifically 20-29 mm per hour in JMA use)
  • 強まる 【つよまる】 to get strong, to gain strength
  • 強める 【つよめる】 to strengthen, to emphasize, to emphasise
  • 強いる 【しいる】 to force, to compel, to coerce, to press, to impose
  • 強い 【こわい】 tough, stiff, hard, inflexible, obstinate, stubborn, tired, worn out
  • 強飯 【こわめし】 glutinous rice with red beans (eaten on celebratory occasions), mochi rice with red beans


Japanese names:
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
qiang2, jiang4, qiang3


  • fuerte
  • coacción
  • poderoso
  • obligar
  • forzar
  • coaccionar


  • Forte
  • poderoso
  • forçar


  • fort
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