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This is a discussion about 詰まり

Is 詰まり an english loan word?

I've been wondering about the similarity between 詰まり and "summary". Does anyone know if there is any relation between the two, or is the similar sound just a coincidence?

doraneko at 2023-03-19 00:22:23 UTC


First recorded usage of つまり is in the Heike Monogatari (written sometime before the year 1330).
It's first adverbial usage ("in conclusion") was in 1789. The "in summary" sense of the word was recorded in 1887.

Definitely not related to English.

Leebo at 2023-03-19 01:23:19 UTC

サマリー, an actual loan of "summary" exists, and I think I'd disagree that つまり sounds like "summary".

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