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search history

is there a way I can see my search history? like what was that word I looked up 2 or 3 days ago... ?
is it even saved? even I f I login havent seen that feature

Jendrej at 2019-09-19 12:48:44 UTC

Jisho doesn’t seem to have any special features that you can use when logged in, other than the forum… Sadly. Your best bet is checking your browser history, unless you delete it regularly… Well, now you have a reason not to delete it.

FriendlyMochi at 2019-09-19 15:55:51 UTC

Some weeks ago, someone made an add for puting words and kanji on Jisho in a big, unique list.
I use it from the day since and nothing happened or went wrong,

I would have liked to have the possibility to use key-words for finding more easily words when there are easily 50+ words in a list at a time, but if it can help those who just need to have few memo for a short period of time, I put the link :


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