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feature suggestion: search history and kanji list in profile

Would be helpful. Otherwise don't see why there's a login / signup.

Fredora at 2019-08-25 11:35:18 UTC

The login/signup is to post in the forums.

FriendlyMochi at 2019-08-25 14:16:52 UTC

But I must say, it would be helpful for me too.

If I was able to save directly new words on Jisho, with some personnalized name for the post-it (for finding them more quickly) it would be helpful when, for example, I'm reading a story or playing a game and I know the word will appear often, but that I will not remember it immediatly.

For now, I need to save them in a document, but il would be great if it was just a feature on Jisho, directly.

jarmanso7 at 2019-08-25 22:39:40 UTC

Hello ! I wrote a userscript that let's a user flag any word in jisho and add it to a list. You can install it from here:


Once installed, when you are logged in, a link "Add to my words list" will appear in the on the links section of a word. Click there to save the word. To consult the list of saved words, click on your username's link at the top right corner.

There are some limitations detailed in the same page you can install the script from. I am open to requests for improvements and bug fixes, they are very welcome.

Kind regards!

FriendlyMochi at 2019-08-27 16:34:52 UTC

Thank you!
I will test it (maybe even today) and tell feedback here if there something that can maybe be improved. :)

FriendlyMochi at 2019-08-27 17:28:13 UTC

By the way, what does it mean "user-wise"?

jarmanso7 at 2019-08-27 20:54:23 UTC

"Not user-wise" means that the script doesn't care about who is the actual logged user. So if you log in as, say, "FriendlyMochi" from your PC and save 3 particular words, and then log out and log in as another user, you'll still see those 3 words in the list even though you are logged with a different user. In reality, the words are stored locally in your computer's browser and they are not uploaded in any sort of internet server or elsewhere outside your computer, so don't expect to find your list of saved words if you log into jisho from a different computer than the one you usually use. The only reason you need to login in order to use the script is that it is placed in the user's profile page, and you can't acces the page if you are not logged in. But the list of words is not actually connected to your user account, I'm afraid.

I hope you find the script useful anyway!

Thank you again.

FriendlyMochi at 2019-08-28 19:59:57 UTC

Oh, interesting... Thanl you for the explanation ! I searched on the Internet but didn't found something that explained this word. :)
And, honestly, I don't think it's a big deal if is not user-wise.

And for the feedback : Since I use it (one day) not a single bug. ^
But I would like to suggest some things for the ergonomy:

1)When you are looking on your My Words list, and click on a word, you cannot delete it from your list from here; you need to look on it on Jisho again for that.
I think it could be more convenient if you can delete it directly from the My Words list.

2)I don't really know if it is possible or not, but it can be really useful when you have many words on your list, to be able to put some "keywords" or "tags" on them and then, been able to enter them in a searching tool on the My Words list for finding all words that have in common the keywords entered.

For example, I want to save, let's say, 見 , and for finding it more quickly, I could put under it the following keywords:
miru ; mageashi ; see.
They are keywords that I would naturally come up with if I want to find again this word.
But if I want to see all words that contain this kanji, with having for all them "miru" as keyword, they will appear.
For example, they could appear on the right side of the screen on the My Word page, in a box just for that.

Well,like i said, I don't really know if it's possible, but if it is, then it's great !

3) Last suggestion: I don't know if it is possible too or not, but it would be great to been able to enter manually on the right side of each word is reading (I'm saying manually because, words have a "slight" tendency to have a bit too much of readings, and not always still used).

Here, it's all. ^ Thank you for reading these suggestions, and thank you again for creating the script, too !

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