1. pistilBotany term, See also 雄しべ
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2. GynoeciumGynoecium is most commonly used as a collective term for all carpels in a flower. A carpel is the ovule and seed producing reproductive organ in flowering plants. Carpels are derived from ovule-bearing leaves which evolved to form a closed structure containing the ovules. They did this by folding and fusing at their edges to form a chamber in which the ovules develop. In many flowers, several to many carpels are fused into a structure that resembles a single carpel.
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Other forms
雌蕊 【めしべ】雌蘂 【めしべ】雌蕋 【めしべ】雌蕊 【しずい】雌蘂 【しずい】雌蕋 【しずい】


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