1. stamenBotany, See also 雌しべ
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2. StamenThe stamen (plural stamina or stamens, from Latin stamen meaning "thread of the warp") is the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower. Stamens typically consist of a stalk called the filament (from Latin filum, meaning "thread"), and an anther (from Ancient Greek anthera, feminine of antheros "flowery," from anthos "flower"), which contains microsporangia. Anthers are most commonly two-lobed and are attached to the filament either at the base or in the middle portion.
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Other forms
雄蕊 【おしべ】雄蘂 【おしべ】雄蕋 【おしべ】雄蕊 【ゆうずい】雄蘂 【ゆうずい】雄蕋 【ゆうずい】


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