1. Japanese leek (Allium chinense); Chinese onionUsually written using kana alone
2. sour-sweet pickle of Japanese leekUsually written using kana alone, Abbreviation
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3. Allium chinenseAllium chinense (commonly known as, variously Chinese onion, Chinese scallion, Japanese scallion, and Oriental onion) is an edible species of wild onion in the Amaryllis family. It is known by these other names in other languages: in Japanese: ラッキョウ (rakkyō), also written as 辣韮, 辣韭, or 薤; in Chinese: 薤 (xiè) or 藠头 (jiàotou); in Vietnamese: củ kiệu.
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Other forms
辣韮 【らっきょ】薤 【らっきょう】薤 【らっきょ】辣韭 【らっきょう】辣韭 【らっきょ】ラッキョウラッキョ


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