Godan verb with ru ending, Transitive verb
1. to see someone off (at a station, an airport, etc.); to escort (e.g. home)
  • かれ彼の
  • おとうと
  • かれ
  • みおく見送る
  • ため
  • えき
  • 行った
  • His brother went to the station to see him off.
2. to follow something with one's eyes until it is out of sight
  • わたし私たち
  • かれ
  • 見えなく
  • なる
  • まで
  • みおく見送った
  • We watched him until he was out of sight.
3. to let pass; to pass up (an opportunity etc.); to let a pitch go by (baseball); to watch a batted ball go into the stands
  • しょうしん昇進
  • みおく見送られた
  • おんな
  • には
  • はたら働く
  • はげ励み
  • ない
  • She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.
4. to shelve (a plan, deliberation on a bill, etc.); to postpone
5. to have someone related or close to you die; to bury someone
6. to take care of somebody until he dies
7. to wait and see; to continue (e.g. in legal contexts)


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