1. young man
2. boy who has not yet had his coming-of-age ceremony (Edo period)Archaism
3. young (homosexual) male prostitute; young kabuki actor also working as a male prostituteArchaism
4. boy in a homosexual relationship (with a man)Archaism, See also 念者
Wikipedia definition
5. WakashūWakashū, is a historical Japanese term indicating an adolescent boy; more specifically, a boy between the ages at which his head was partially shaven (maegami) (about 5–10 years of age), at which point a boy exited early childhood and could begin formal education, apprenticeship, or employment outside the home, and the genpuku coming of age ceremony (mid teens through early 20s), which marked the transition to adulthood.
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Other forms
若衆 【わかしゅう】


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