Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. all is well that ends well; it will all come good in the endProverb
2. All's Well That Ends Well (play by Shakespeare)
Wikipedia definition
3. All's Well That Ends WellAll's Well That Ends Well is a play by William Shakespeare. It is traditionally believed to have been written between 1604 and 1605, and was originally published in the First Folio in 1623. Though originally the play was classified as one of Shakespeare's comedies, the play is now considered by some critics to be one of his problem plays, so named because they cannot be neatly classified as tragedy or comedy.
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Other forms
終わりよければすべてよし 【おわりよければすべてよし】終わりよければ全てよし 【おわりよければすべてよし】終わり良ければ全て良し 【おわりよければすべてよし】終わりよければすべて良し 【おわりよければすべてよし】終わり良ければ総て良し 【おわりよければすべてよし】


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