1. stone paving; cobble paving; sett; flagstone
2. stone stepsSee also 石段
3. check (pattern)See also 市松
4. pavé; rectangular dessert (usu. made from chocolate or several layers of sponge cake)Food term, Only applies to 石畳, Only applies to 石だたみ, Only applies to 石畳み
5. Ishidatami
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6. Sett (paving)A sett, usually the plural setts and in some places called a Belgian block, often idiomatically called "cobblestone", is a broadly rectangular quarried stone used originally for paving roads, today a decorative stone paving used in landscape architecture. A sett is distinct from a cobblestone by being quarried or shaped to a regular form, whereas a cobblestone is generally naturally occurring.
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Other forms
石だたみ 【いしだたみ】甃 【いしだたみ】石畳み 【いしだたみ】
石畳み: Irregular okurigana usage.


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