1. flail (for threshing grain)
Wikipedia definition
2. FlailFor other uses, see flail (disambiguation). A flail is an agricultural tool used for threshing to separate grains from their husks. It is usually made from two or more large sticks attached by a short chain; one stick is held and swung, causing the other to strike a pile of grain, loosening the husks. The precise dimensions and shape of flails were determined by generations of farmers to suit the particular grain they were harvesting.
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Other forms
殻竿 【からさお】連枷 【からざお】連枷 【からさお】唐竿 【からざお】唐竿 【からさお】唐棹 【からざお】唐棹 【からさお】連枷 【れんか】連架 【れんか】


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