1. common camellia; Camellia japonicaUsually written using kana alone
  • おちゃお茶
  • ツバキ
  • いっしゅ一種
  • です
  • The tea tree is a kind of camellia.
2. tea produced in the mountainsOnly applies to さんちゃ
Wikipedia definition
3. CamelliaCamellia, the camellias, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. They are found in eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalaya east to Japan and Indonesia. There are 100–250 described species, with some controversy over the exact number. The genus was named by Linnaeus after the Jesuit botanist Georg Joseph Kamel from Brno, who worked in the Philippines, though he never described a camellia.
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Other forms
山茶 【つばき】山茶 【さんちゃ】ツバキ


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