Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to come near; to let someone approach
  • みち
  • わき
  • 寄せて
  • ください
  • Pull over to the side, please.
2. to bring near; to bring together; to collect; to gather
  • ゆき
  • へい
  • 吹き
  • 寄せて
  • 積み
  • 上がった
  • The snow banked up against the wall.
3. to deliver (opinion, news, etc.); to send (e.g. a letter); to contribute; to donate
4. to let someone drop by
5. to add (numbers)
6. to have feelings for (love, goodwill, trust, etc.)
7. to rely upon for a time; to depend on
8. to use as a pretext
9. to put aside
10. to press; to push; to force
11. to include; to welcome (in a group); to let inKansai dialect


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