1. young lady of noble birth; princess (esp. in Western contexts, tales, etc.)
  • うるさい
  • なっ
  • すこ少し
  • ずつう頭痛
  • くらい
  • がまん我慢
  • しろ
  • まりょく魔力
  • すっからかん
  • それもこれも
  • ひめ
  • せい
  • Shurrup! Don't make such a fuss over a little headache. I'm flat out of magical power - this is all your fault!
Noun, used as a suffix, Noun
2. girlSee also
3. small; cute; lesser (in names of species)
4. prostituteArchaism, Kyoto dialect
Wikipedia definition
5. Himeis the Japanese word for princess or a lady of higher birth. Daughters of a monarch are actually referred to by other terms, e.g. Ōjo, literally king's daughter, even though Hime can be used to address Ōjo. The word Hime initially referred to any beautiful female. In some languages, the word also means a sound that a girl makes when in distress. The antonym of Hime is Shikome (醜女), literally ugly female, though it is archaic and rarely used.
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Other forms
媛 【ひめ】
媛: Out-dated kanji or kanji usage.


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