1. monme (unit of weight, 3.75 g)Only applies to 匁
2. monme; Edo-period silver coin worth between 1/50th and 1/80th of a ryōHistorical term, See also
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3. Mace (unit)A mace is a traditional Chinese measurement of weight in East Asia that was also used as a currency denomination. It is equal to 10 candareens and is ⁄10 of a tael or approximately 3.78 grams. A troy candareen is approximately 3.74 grams. In Hong Kong, one mace is 3.779936375 gramme. and in Ordinance 22 of 1884, it is ⁄15 oz. avoir. In Singapore, one mace (referred to as chee) is 3.77994 grammes.
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Other forms
文目 【もんめ】


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