1. accent (on a syllable, word); stress; pitch accent
  • という
  • アクセント
  • どこ
  • ですか
  • Where do you place the stress in the word "Australia"?
2. intonation; inflection; cadence
3. (language) accent (e.g. American, British)
  • かれ彼の
  • アクセント
  • から
  • はんだん判断
  • する
  • かれ
  • かんさい関西
  • しゅっしん出身
  • Judging from his accent, he is from Kansai.
4. accent (e.g. in a design); highlight; emphasis
5. accent (on a note)Music term
Wikipedia definition
6. Accent (linguistics)In linguistics, an accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation. An accent may identify the locality in which its speakers reside (a geographical or regional accent), the socio-economic status of its speakers, their ethnicity, their caste or social class, their first language (when the language in which the accent is heard is not their native language), and so on.
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