1. comparing and adjusting; reconciling; knocking into shape; bouncing of ideas, opinions, etc. off each other to obtain a fine-tuned integrated whole
2. lapping; precision surface finishing; mating by rubbing togetherEngineering term
3. marginationMedicine, etc. term, Usually written using kana alone
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4. Ground glass jointGround glass joints are used in laboratories to quickly and easily fit leak-tight apparatus together from commonly available parts. For example, a round bottom flask, Liebig condenser, and oil bubbler with ground glass joints may be rapidly fitted together to reflux a reaction mixture.
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Other forms
擦り合わせ 【すりあわせ】摺り合わせ 【すりあわせ】すり合せ 【すりあわせ】擦り合せ 【すりあわせ】摺り合せ 【すりあわせ】


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