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  • jreibun/619/1
    • いえ
    • の犬は
    • ひと
    • が通るたびに
    • 吠える
    • のでうるさくて困っている。
    We are annoyed by the neighbor’s dog that is noisy and barks every time someone walks by. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/620/1
    • しょうう少雨
    • で、
    • いね
    • せいいく生育
    • が極端に悪く、
    • のうか農家
    • は困っている。
    This summer has been troubled by record low rainfall, which has resulted in extremely poor rice growth. This situation aggrieves farmers. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/620/3
    • ひと
    • いねか稲刈り
    • をしていた時代は、農家は家族
    • そうで総出
    • さぎょう作業
    • おこな行って
    • いた。
    In the days when rice was harvested by hand, farmers worked in the fields with all of their family members. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/629/1
    • かていさいえん家庭菜園
    • の野菜は、
    • かたち
    • はいびつだが、
    • あじ
    • はいい。
    The vegetables in our vegetable garden are deformed in shape, but taste delicious. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/2424/1
    • すぐ優れた
    • さっか作家
    • さくひん作品
    • の中で
    • きょ
    • じつ
    • たく巧み
    • に混ぜている。
    A good writer skillfully combines fiction and reality in his or her work. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/3608/2
    • ははかた母方
    • そうそふ曽祖父
    • は、
    • だいじぎょう大事業
    • を起こし、
    • いちだい一代
    • ざい
    • きず築いた
    • 実業家である。
    My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was an entrepreneur who started a large business and made a fortune in his own lifetime. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/3630/1
    • は、材質が堅く、机や
    • ほんだな本棚
    • といった家具に使われることが多い。
    Trees such as oaks and beeches produce hardwood, which is commonly used for furniture such as desks and bookshelves. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5211/1
    Despite being accused of making “racist remarks,” the politician insisted on the legitimacy of his statements. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5244/1
    • だった。
    • いえ
    • を早く出たが、
    • みち
    • を間違えてしまった。
    • に合わないかと思い
    • あせ焦った
    • が、試験開始の
    • いっぷんまえ1分前
    • に着いた。ぎりぎりセーフだった。
    Today was the day of the college entrance exam. I left home early but took a wrong turn. I became very nervous and anxious because I thought I would not make it in time; nevertheless, I arrived one minute before the start of the exam and made it just in time. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5973/2
    • せいじか政治家
    • めざ目指した
    • のは、同じく
    • せいじか政治家
    • だった父親の影響が
    • たぶん多分に
    • あったと思われる。
    His decision to become a politician was probably largely influenced by his father, who was also a politician. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5977/1
    • いえ
    • は夫婦そろって多忙のようで、週末もほとんど
    • いえ
    • にいない。
    The married couple next door seems very busy; they are hardly ever home even on weekends. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5998/2
    • きゅうきょ急遽
    • 取りやめとなった。
    Because my child had a sudden fever, this year’s family trip was abruptly cancelled. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/6005/1
    • 亡くなった
    • そぼ祖母
    • はとても優しい
    • ひと
    • だった。どんな時でも笑顔を
    • 絶やさず
    • 、家族のために気を
    • くば配って
    • くれていた。
    Our deceased grandmother was a very gentle person. She had a smile on her face no matter what and was always considerate to her family. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/6129/1
    • じっか実家
    • かぎょう家業
    • ささ支えたい
    I would like to support my family’s business by using the management information that I learned in college. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7192/1
    • かぞくない家族内
    • で問題があっても真剣に向き合わず、なあなあですませてきた。そのため、
    • つま
    • むすめ
    • が何を考えているのかが分からない。
    Even when there have been problems in the family, I have not taken them seriously and have been letting things slide. Because of this, I do not know what my wife and daughter are thinking. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7212/1
    I received an e-mail from my mother. It was a request for me to come home immediately because there was something she would like to discuss. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7235/1
    • きょう今日
    • しごとお仕事終わり
    • なかま仲間
    • と飲みに行って、
    • もりあ盛り上がり
    • 、家に帰るのが遅くなってしまった。
    Today I went out for a drink with my friends after work, had a great time, and got home late. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7251/1
    • 無くして
    • しまい、
    • いえ
    • はい入れなく
    • なった。
    I had lost my key and was unable to get into the house. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7260/1
    My husband may be tired; when I asked him what he wanted to do about the family trip, he only gave a non-committal reply: “I don’t care.” Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7261/1
    • かぞくあい家族愛
    • えが描いた
    • ドラマを見ていると、感動して泣けてくる。
    I cannot help crying when I watch a moving drama that depicts familial love. Jreibun
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