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Nidan verb (lower class) with dzu ending (archaic), intransitive verb
1. to leave; to exit; to go out; to come out; to get outArchaism, Antonym: 入る はいる
2. to leave (on a journey); to depart; to start out; to set outArchaism
3. to move forwardArchaism
4. to come to; to get to; to lead to; to reachArchaism
5. to appear; to come out; to emerge; to surface; to come forth; to turn up; to be found; to be detected; to be discovered; to be exposed; to show; to be exhibited; to be on displayArchaism
6. to appear (in print); to be published; to be announced; to be issued; to be listed; to come outArchaism
7. to attend; to participate; to take part; to enter (an event); to play in; to performArchaism
8. to be stated; to be expressed; to come up; to be brought up; to be raisedArchaism
9. to sellArchaism
10. to exceed; to go overArchaism
11. to stick out; to protrudeArchaism
12. to break out; to occur; to start; to originateArchaism
13. to be producedArchaism
14. to come from; to be derived fromArchaism
15. to be given; to get; to receive; to be offered; to be provided; to be presented; to be submitted; to be handed in; to be turned in; to be paidArchaism
16. to answer (phone, door, etc.); to getArchaism
17. to assume (an attitude); to act; to behaveArchaism
18. to pick up (speed, etc.); to gainArchaism
19. to flow (e.g. tears); to run; to bleedArchaism
20. to graduateArchaism
Other forms
出づ 【いづ】
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