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Grammar & translation

Sorry but I don't understand this sentence and how it is translated as such?

flayxis at 2024-05-09 08:40:43 UTC

Would be helpful if you would write what it is that’s confusing you, because that’s pretty hard to just guess especially without knowing anything about you.

Anyway what might be confusing just talking a wild guess is the するかしない part which basically is a means of expressing that it’s uncertain whether something actually happened or not. Here it expresses this uncertainty whether it took a whole two months or if it actually took even less time. Because it’s so unusually quick to get your skill recognized in such a short amount of time, and then the speaker being not even completely sure if it took a whole two months, that acts as an emphasis.

Lyza at 2024-05-09 11:05:16 UTC

It's probably the horrible translation that confused you. It's should have been: "In less than 2 weeks (二ヶ月するかしないうちに) since she was hired (雇われてから), she got recognised for her skill/competence (彼女は。。。能力を認められた)."

Lyza at 2024-05-09 11:06:01 UTC

sorry, months, 2 months.

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