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This is a discussion about 髭鷲

Possible lack of a second reading

I got redirected to this word from the on reading of kanji 髭, which is displayed as シ. However, the readings for 髭鷲 only use kun form. So 髭鷲 lacks the second reading? I have checked in my russo-japanese dictionary (which isn't as vast as jisho) and it only lists 髭 with the kun reading of ひげ. Am I missing something?

flayxis at 2024-04-24 13:41:39 UTC

Nah, when you click on the シ there, this will just search for words containing the kanji and that reading somewhere in them. The software cannot actually distinguish if vocabulary is using kun or on readings. It just so happens that ひげわし has a し in there at the end, so that entry appears in the results.

If you actually are just interested in an example of a word where the on reading is used (it's not in JMdict and most other dictionaries): 髭鬚 (シシュ) is the only I found https://kotobank.jp/word/髭鬚-2825596

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