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What are the differences

Hi, I am new to Japanese and I am learning by myself. Will you please tell me for what these forms are use :- te, masu, nai, ta, reru.
By your reply this will helpe me as well as other learners.

isifies at 2024-03-27 02:06:21 UTC

Tofugu has a lot of articles about these verb forms that you can check out yourself but heres it summarized:
Nai is negative plain form (not), but can be used for politeness and invitations
Masu is polite form
Ta is past form
Reru is potential form (can/be able to)
Te form links actions, events, and states. Since its difficult to sum up all its different uses, you should read the rest of it on Tofugu

Eren_Yeager at 2024-03-27 06:48:48 UTC

Thanks! : )

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