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Adding "-" operator to exclude terms from search?

Could we add the ability to use the "-" operator or similar to exclude a term from the search results? For example, if I wanted to find all uses of 「でんき」 that are not related to 電気, I could search for 「でんき -電気」. If this would cause confusion with the ー character, I might also suggest using "!", for example: 「でんき !電気」.

Either way, I would get back some of the following results:

  • 電器
  • 伝奇
  • 電極
  • 伝記作者
  • etc.

But I would not receive any of the following:

  • 電気
  • 電気製品
  • 電気器具
  • etc
Kimtaro Admin at 2024-02-11 04:42:10 UTC

Sorry, I have no plans to support for excluding search terms.

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