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kanji hand writing

i can't improve my kanji hand writing . There is any way i could do that ? somebody tell me . onegaishimasu tanomuyoo TT

bay4bay at 2024-01-24 11:28:26 UTC

What skill are you struggling with exactly? Does it not look nice? Then you might want to look at stuff like https://cumacuma.jp/eq/eq_index/bimoji_method/ and do simple exercises every day. It's a combination of some training and just knowing little tricks that make your handwriting look better and more legible.

Or, maybe you have issues with remembering characters? It's not difficult either, but it requires a lot of time for practice. You need to write every day to make them stick. Even Japanese people can struggle with certain characters if they stop writing with hand for a long time, repetition is important.

If you don't have anything you want to write, maybe you could listen to an audiobook, stop after each sentence and write all sentences down. If that's too difficult yet, you could start with an exercise book, for example for the Kanken test. Doesn't matter so much what level you get, maybe start with 5 or 6-kyuu. It will have a lot of jukugo and example sentences inside. You can of course solve the exercises inside, but you can also use the sentences just for practicing on your own style.

If you have more specific question, maybe someone can help you more focused.

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