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This is a discussion about 叶う

Potential form—auto-generated?

Is かなえる actually a formally accepted 可能動詞 or did Jisho auto-generate it? Neither 大字線 nor 旺文社 list かなう as having one. Additionally, does anyone know if this has colloquial use?

Leebo at 2024-01-12 02:02:46 UTC

I think nearly all of the conjugation charts are auto-generated, except for a few well-known verbs that have unique conjugations. Most sites include a disclaimer when doing that, letting people know that not all conjugations that could be possibly structured actually make sense or are natural to use. Perhaps it would be best for them to add something like that.

I don't have any affirmative confirmation of the idea that 叶える does not exist as a potential form of 叶う, but I agree with the gist that it's probably not useable that way.

Kimtaro Admin at 2024-01-15 01:07:21 UTC

Yes, I should add a disclaimer.

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